I am a Brighton based jewellery designer/maker. I moved to the coast from London in 2014. I have been making jewellery for many years and have exhibited at craft fairs all over the country.  From 2009 to December 2016 I traded at Covent Garden Apple Market.  

All my work is handmade in silver and gold. I create jewellery from large scale chokers and neckpieces through to bracelets, earrings etc. My work is organic and sculptural and evolves from an interest in natural forms and aspires to echo the softness and light of the plants and flowers which inspire them.
I make elegant pieces created using traditional silversmithing and jewellery techniques. Using hand tools and skills including piercing, forming with hammers, mandrels and pliers, I aim to employ the metal in a manner which reflects the natural shapes which inspire me.
My designs include my established Calla Lily and Fuchsia ranges and my newer Sycamore, Orchid & Daffodil pieces. The work is very wearable, they are contemporary classics.


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